5 Important features to increase your Shopify store’s conversion

The goal of every business owner is to make more money. To do this, you need to increase revenue and conversions on your website. But how? In this article, we are going to highlight some of the most important features and functionality that every Shopify store should have in order to increase sales and conversions.

Mailing List Incentives

It’s a shame that not every visitor to your e-commerce site will purchase something from you. It would be great if we could get them all on board, but alas this is just out of our hands. So instead, why don’t we try and sign up those visitors for your mailing list? That way our brand can stay fresh in their mind (and inbox!)

The most common way of incentivizing a mailing list signup is to offer a discount code or coupon after they sign up. This is usually a percentage off their first order or purchase, and it’s often the case that this discount code will expire if not used within a certain time period – such as 14 days from signing up for your newsletter.

Analytics & Reporting

Shopify’s built-in analytics can sometimes display inaccurate data and is limited compared to Google Analytics. This is why we recommend setting up Google Analytics with your Shopify site. Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for providing insights into how you can increase conversions and therefore increase revenue on your site.

Google Analytics is completely free and they have a handy integration with Shopify. It can also easily generate custom reports for your store, which can be a great way to monitor and track the success of marketing campaigns, cosmetic changes or user interests.

Customer Reviews

Providing evidence that your brand and product is legitimate, is an integral step in converting a user into a customer. Having reviews on your site is a great way to provide this evidence and increase conversions on your site.

Include customer feedback in case they want to read what other people have said about your product and how their experience was with your business. We recommend sending an automated email asking your customers for a review a few weeks after purchase. You can also provide a call-to-action for reviews on your product pages.

Implementing Live Chat

Live chat is a user-friendly feature that allows you to talk with your customers in real-time. If they have questions about your products or store, live chat provides the opportunity for them to get answers and convert on your site more quickly. This helps users find quick, easy answers to their questions without having to hunt through FAQ’s or wait for a reply by email.

Shopify offers a free app called Shopify Live Chat. This is the perfect way to provide customer service on your site, and it’s easy to set up through their app store or website. Once you have live chat activated on your account, there are a few things you can customize about how it operates.

Have an Instagram feed on your site

Instagram is a good way to show people that you are a trustworthy business. You can post videos, behind-the-scenes pictures, and other types of content on Instagram that may not fit on your site. This will help you get followers and allow you to advertise without paying for ads. Shopify has many free apps to easily implement this.

The Final Word

All in all, we hope that these tips will help your company enjoy a greater degree of success online by catering more specifically to what customers are looking for. As always, if any readers have questions or would like some assistance with their online strategy (or anything else) contact us today-we’re happy to answer any queries or provide guidance on our services.