9 Tips To Optimize Your Web Store For Conversions

9 Tips To Optimize Your Web Store For Conversions

Whether you’re selling a physical product or a service, an online store should be one of your main sales channels. Unfortunately many business owners are not seeing the conversions and sales they’re looking for from their web store. This can often times be correlated with design and copy flaws. The good news is, however, it’s easy to fix, and you can be on your way to increased web sales today.

Make Sure Customers Can Tell What You’re Selling

Oftentimes store owners get excited and crowd their home page with unnecessary information. Shoving testimonials and credentials down a customer’s throat right off the bat can be overwhelming and intimidating. Keep your home page clean and concise. Address your product clearly from the start so there’s no confusion going forward. There’s plenty of space to add extra information later. A good rule of thumb is, if a customer can’t explain what your business is about or what you’re selling in 5 seconds, you need to work on your home page.

Focus On Your Products

Adding off of the first point, if a customer can’t tell you what you’re selling, you most likely need to shift the focus of your page to your products. It’s easy to accomplish this using large, high quality promotion pictures of your product or service. Customers are influenced by visuals, so it’s important you have these ready to put front and center on your web store. As mentioned earlier, a crowded homepage will act as a distraction for your customers to actually check out and potentially buy your products.

Have Contact Information Easily Visible

By placing your contact information, such as direct phone numbers and main support emails, in large, visible areas of your website, you are increasing the trust customers have in you. By letting them know you are easily available to contact for support, it puts them at ease in case there is to be an issue with the product or their experience. In addition, by having an easy way for potential customers to contact you, there will be opportunities to turn question and concerns, into sales.

Make A Killer FAQ Page

People will always have questions. No matter how much information you can position onto your website, or how clear and concise you can be, there will always be outlying questions. What can separate you from your competition is how well you can address and answer these questions, without them even having to contact you.

This is where an FAQ page comes in. When deciding which questions to put down, start off simple. Address featured points about your product or service, as well as customer experience related concerns, such as return and shipping policies. By providing well developed answers to questions your customers already have, before they even ask, you’re able to gain more trust and reach higher conversions.

Make It Super Simple To Checkout

It should take customers 3 clicks to go from viewing your product, to purchasing it. 3, that’s it. Anymore than that is additional time that your potential customers can decide they don’t want or need your product anymore. What you should be doing, is making this process as easy and hassle free for them as possible.

Avoid Forms If You Can

If your product or service requires a form or fill in fields in order to purchase, do your best to limit them.

No Account Needed

Creating an account on a website to purchase a product that you’re not sure if you’ll want to order again yet is exhausting and unneeded. Always include the option to sign in with existing accounts (Facebook, Google, etc). Or better yet, don’t require any accounts at all.

Guide The Checkout Process

Hopefully your checkout process is already simple enough for users to go through without instructions. However, it’s always important to include them, just to prevent any potential confusion or errors.

Eliminate Surprises

Everyone loves a good surprise right? This is true in most cases, except when a customer gets to your checkout page and realize shipping is more than the actual product you’re selling. If there’s potentially any information about your business that could delay customers from buying, say it right out front. Additionally, make your return policy clear if you have one. The last thing you want is angry, confused customers after they’ve already purchased your product.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping will always be attractive to customers. Most of the time, it’s just psychological too. When the cost of shipping is added onto the product price, instead of them being separate charges, conversions are known to increase dramatically. If you’re not able to offer free shipping, or hiking your product price permanently isn’t appealing, consider running free shipping promotions for short periods of time.

Too Much Variety Isn’t Always Good

Oftentimes, too much choice can have a negative effect on customers. It’s nice to see options, sure, but too much of a good thing can certainly be a bad thing in this case. It’s optimal to have an “Original” model, as well as offer a few customized alternatives, depending on your product. Most of the times, even if they won’t admit it, customers like having decisions being made for them. It’s another way to simplify the buying process, which will in turn lead to more sales.

Back Up Your Claims

You’ve shown the value of your product to your customer through your web store. But since they are not able to physically be there to inspect the quality and ask questions, you have to be able to provide reassurance to them, without having them ever leave your website. This is where a testimonials and review page can be extremely valuable. By providing customers with real, informative reviews, it can put their minds at ease, that your product is actually as good as you say it is.


If you’re relying on your website as one of your main channels for sales, it’s vital that you’re providing customers with an easy, simple buying experience. By addressing pain points early on, and offering reassurance and trust, your web store will be more optimized for sales and conversions.

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