Email Marketing: Why It’s Still One of the Best Ways to Grow Your Business

Email has been around now for well over 40 years, and for several decades email has been one of the leading forms of communication. But after all these years and with so many new forms of digital marketing existing today, many people question whether email marketing can still get the job done. The answer might surprise you. 

Let’s get into the specifics and show you what the stats say about the current power of email marketing. 

The Stats on Email Marketing

If you have any doubts about whether email marketing is worth it, consider this astonishing statistic: According to a report from Constant Contact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, companies can expect a return of around $38. While that’s a staggering return, it may seem too good to be true. So then consider that, according to another study by eMarketer, the median return on an email marketing campaign is over 120%. From a return on investment standpoint, that makes it greater than any other form of digital marketing out there by far. 

Now as good as the numbers are, many people still wonder if email is dying out. After all, as social media rises in popularity it’s easy to assume that people will forget about something like email. But as it turns out, email really is here to stay. In fact, not only are the number of email users not decreasing, they’re actually increasing steadily by close to 3% per year. With almost 3.9 billion active email users today, that means the number of users will soon reach over 4 billion.

Between the massive amounts of users and the cost-effective returns, it’s clear that with those numbers you do not want to miss out. The best part though is that email marketing is super versatile and can give your business a boost in a lot of ways.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business

We really think it’s important to show you everything that email has to offer—So to make things simple, here’s four ways that an email marketing campaign can help you and your business: 

1.    Improved Brand Recognition

One of the things that email helps with the most is improving your brand’s visibility. If you’re sending out emails with your logo, tagline, and products, then your customer’s will be more familiar with your business. It’s also a helpful way for you to further define your brand, something that’s crucial especially when it comes to e-commerce.

2.    Stronger Customer Relationships

No matter the size of your business, it’s always important to have strong relationships with your customers and data shows that your customers truly value that. As it so happens, there’s few better ways to build that relationship with customers than through email. It lets them know that you’re thinking about them and better yet, it’ll have them thinking about your business too! With strong customer relationships you’ll easily turn one-time buyers into repeat customers—something that’s vital for sustaining any business. 

3.    It Builds Credibility

A big challenge that small businesses face is credibility and how hard it can be to build it when competing with bigger or more established brands. This is something that great email marketing can really help you with. By utilising email, you can send out messages to customers that inform them about your business and provide them with helpful information. The more they gain from your emails, the more likely they’ll be to view your business as a credible source and authority. The more trust a customer has with your business, the better. 

4.    It Can Greatly Improve Your Bottom Line

With any marketing campaign, what matters most is how much you get in return for what you put in. In the case of email marketing the answer is usually this: A lot! Email marketing can genuinely provide your business with a fantastic return. It can also generate great leads and allow you to drive sales through exclusive offers such as targeted sales or discounts (like those birthday coupons we love to get). A bonus is that since email marketing is pretty cost effective, it makes the returns even better.

After all that you’re probably wondering how to get started. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

How to Get Started with Email Marketing

The numbers speak for themselves and here at Refresh the Web we know how important a solid email marketing campaign is for your business—but we also know it can be tricky and a little time consuming to get started, especially if it’s something you’re unfamiliar with. Luckily, we’re here to give you guidance and lay down the basics. So, here are some answers to a few questions you might have.

How Does It Work and What Does It Offer?

Email marketing works in a way that’s probably like how you might think—utilising it usually entails sending out an email to a large list of recipients. The difference today is that there’s a lot more to customise and with improved analytics, you can target specific recipients with a particular email based on a few conditions, which really helps to improve engagement rates. One of the biggest bonuses is that almost all of it can be automated and that allows emails to automatically be sent out to specific customers without you having to worry about it once it’s all set up (a somewhat tricky process, but one we’re more than happy to help with). Here are just a few of the things you can achieve with email marketing:

  • Get customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while to re-engage by sending out automatic deals or discounts.
  • Automatically send abandoned cart emails and follow ups to close on potential sales.
  • Target specific groups in your email list with customised deals and subject lines to maximise engagement.
  • Establish flows, which help you automate when to send an email, which email to send, and who to send it to based on a series of conditions that you get to set up and tailor to your business needs.

What Are the Best Platforms to Use?

While there’s plenty of platforms out there, we want to make sure you work with the best. Here are three notable mentions:

Email Marketing Platforms

1.     Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a great platform that has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to e-commerce, so if you have a Shopify store – Klaviyo is the BEST of them all.

2.     Mailchimp

Mailchimp is another great platform that offers cloud-based email marketing solutions at a good price with highly praised customer service. It is probable the most popular but over the years has become less competitive in the market.

3.     MailerLite

MailerLite is known for its affordability and is a solid choice for freelancers and small businesses alike looking for value at a lower price – we personally rather MailerLite over Mailchimp, but opt for Klaviyo if you have an e-commerce store.

How Can Refresh the Web Help Me Get Started?

As great as these platforms are, the hardest part is getting started. We don’t expect you to be an expert on email marketing campaigns, besides you’ve got plenty of other things to focus on— that’s what we’re here for and we’re more than happy to take care of the technical stuff so that you don’t have to. With our stellar services, we’ll help you get started, get set up, and we can even manage your email marketing campaign for you to make sure you get the best results. So, if you don’t want to miss out on the power of email marketing, then make sure you get in touch today!

Once you experience what great email marketing can do for your business, you’ll know firsthand why email is going nowhere soon.