How To Effectively Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

With over 600 million members and over 300 million active monthly users, LinkedIn has the numbers to back up its reputation as a valuable resource for businesses. What separates LinkedIn from other platforms, however, is the quality of its user base. LinkedIn is designed for workers and businesses alike, and with over 30 million companies registered on their site, it’s a great option for business-to-business sales and marketing, as well as for anyone looking to target working professionals.

Where to Start

Like most other platforms, a great profile goes a long way but when it comes to growing your business or connecting with others on LinkedIn, your profile plays a big role and can make all the difference. As a site for businesses and professionals, it’s essential for your business that the LinkedIn profile you create is one that will be compelling and straightforward for anyone who might come across it.

What this entails is following through with all of the steps that LinkedIn provides you with, including uploading a quality profile picture for your business along with a banner and summary—the last of which plays a vital role.

While LinkedIn offers paid marketing options just like other platforms, with everything from message ads to sponsored content, it is also a platform where search engine optimization, or SEO, goes a very long way. This means that when it comes to growing and marketing your business on LinkedIn, there are two primary ways to do so: Organically through SEO (within the LinkedIn platform), or with paid advertising utilizing one of their many marketing options.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can take advantage of both of these options to best benefit your business and take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer.

SEO For Your LinkedIn Page

If you’ve checked out our other posts, you’ll know that SEO is a great way to boost your website’s traffic, visibility, and growth. The same applies to your LinkedIn page. Just like a website for your business, LinkedIn pages are crawled by search engines and that allows people to discover your page organically. That means that if you want to maximize your chances to appear in searches, you should optimize any and all text contained within your profile.

For LinkedIn, this means creating an eye-catching and keyword-friendly tagline that can draw in anyone who comes across your profile, as well as a thorough summary that tells any visitors to your page what your business does and provides them with the information necessary to draw in their interest. Some things that should be included in this section are

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Products/Services
  • Values

and anything else relevant to your business and your target audience. If you manage to hit all of these points and keep in mind the most relevant keywords for your audience, then you’ll be able to create a successful business profile on LinkedIn to start growing your following and generating leads.

Beyond Your Profile

In addition to setting up a stellar LinkedIn profile for your business, there are other things you can do to benefit your visibility on the platform. One great way to boost your page’s SEO and bring in more traffic is to produce quality content to publish through LinkedIn.

While Instagram allows you to post pictures and videos, and Twitter allows you to make quick and catchy posts, LinkedIn allows you to do all that and so much more. In many ways, LinkedIn has the same features as Facebook, providing you with the ability to share anything you want, including long-form content and articles. In fact, one thing that really sets LinkedIn apart is that it allows you to publish articles through them using the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. As a professional social media platform, original articles and content are a great way to connect with your desired audience and also give you an opportunity to boost your SEO.

With good content and an optimized profile, your business can build a relevant, high-quality following that will be full of potential leads and excellent opportunities to connect and network. A big plus is that this isn’t the only way to market your business and get yourself out there because in addition to LinkedIn’s opportunities for organic growth, there also a variety of paid options available for you to advertise yourself and grow even faster.

LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn ad campaigns are an excellent option for businesses looking to grow through LinkedIn. Like all ad campaigns, you’re able to leverage the money you invest to save yourself some time and effort by getting your page plenty of exposure in a short span of time.

Here is what LinkedIn offers when it comes to ad campaigns:

  • Sponsored content: Native ads which will appear in the LinkedIn feed.
  • Sponsored messaging: Messages delivered directly to your audience with LinkedIn Messaging.
  • Text ads: Simple and standard pay-per-click desktop ads.
  • Dynamic ads: Personalized ads that are tailored to your audience.

Collectively, these make up a standard albeit still diverse set of ads that you can utilize for a marketing campaign. Much like other platforms, they also have a straightforward “Campaign Manager” interface that you can access to monitor and adjust your ad campaigns as needed.

While LinkedIn may not have the flexibility or sheer numbers of Facebook or Google when it comes to who you can target with your ad campaigns, where LinkedIn shines bright is in the quality of the audience that it gives you access to. As a business, the number one takeaway for any campaign is generating leads. You want a good return for the work and money you invest into it, and with the leading social media platform for professionals, this is what you get. In fact, LinkedIn is the number one site for generating business-to-business leads. Additionally, the audience you have access to through LinkedIn has twice as much buying power when compared to the average web audience. That means that a successful campaign won’t just bring average leads, it’ll bring high quality leads who have double the buying power. This in itself is enough to make up for the smaller user base in comparison to ad giants like Facebook and Google because in many ways you get quality over quantity.

If you’re looking to start a campaign of your own, then you’ll be glad to know that LinkedIn offers a straightforward way to get started. The steps are simple and standard: Choose your objective, select your target audience, choose your desired ad format, set the budget and schedule, and then monitor your performance along the way using their Campaign Manager tool. If you need more fine tuning or have a difficult time setting up the initial campaign then you can also feel free to contact us as always to help get you going.

What It Comes Down To

LinkedIn is one of the biggest platforms the internet has to offer and when it comes to doing business there are few better places. In today’s world, growing your business means expanding your digital presence and cultivating a quality audience that will engage and convert. With their uniquely professional user base, and reputation as the leading generator for business-to-business leads, LinkedIn is simply an excellent way to grow your business.

Be it organically with a top-notch profile and optimized content, or through paid marketing utilizing one of their many advertising options, expanding your network and generating leads through their platform is a great idea and an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. Hopefully the process is even easier with this article, so don’t waste any more time and get growing on LinkedIn.