How To Make Your Company Stand Out On Social Media

How To Make Your Company Stand Out On Social Media

In the sea of endless Instagram posts, Facebook promotions, and Twitter rants, stepping into social media as a company can be daunting. It’s also easy to be skeptical about if what you’re doing is actually of any value.

Fortunately, once you have the base of how you want to portray your company, and what you want to share, the idea of sharing competitive social space with other companies can be less terrifying.

1. Have Personality

There’s a reason witty comebacks and messages from large and small companies go viral on social media. If every post you make is a promotion, or an ad, you will not be seeing the results you want on your social platforms. If a company is flat, you won’t see much engagements on your posts. That being said: How do you develop or choose a personality for social?

Your Business stand out on social media
Witty tweets

There’s a number of different personalities you can try out, but it’s important to stick with one once it’s figured out. This is especially important if you have multiple people running your social media accounts. Know what your market is, and the audience in it, and create content accordingly. For example, an senior citizen community probably shouldn’t be cracking jokes about old age.

2. Different Platforms, Different Content

Similar to the first point, if your content is the same across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you won’t get as much engagement or conversions. A good way to avoid this is by having a content plan set up. An example of one day of this can be as simple as:


Instagram — Office/Team Picture

Twitter — Status Updates on New Products

Facebook — Link To Weekly Blog

By having a schedule of what you want to accomplish for each day on social media, it makes the job a lot easier for you (or whoever might be running it for that day).

3. Interact With Your Audience

Customer interaction should not only be limited to when you’re selling your product or service. In fact, most questions from customers are asked on social media. Having someone monitoring your social feeds to respond to complaints and questions, is a sure fire way to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Social Media for Business
Using Social Media is a Great Outlet to Interact with your Customers

Companies like Uber, JetBlue, AmericanAirlines do especially well with customer service, by always having someone to check social feeds for service requests or comments. And this isn’t only applicable to large brands either. Customers feel closer to a company when they can personally interact with them to solve an issue they may be having with a product, or to simply say thank you.

4. A Picture is Worth A Thousand Tweets

As mentioned earlier, your content should vary from platform to platform. However, visuals should be in almost all of your posts. Engagement is tripled across social media posts when there is a picture involved. Even if the main focus of a post isn’t a picture, there are always a way to include visuals into your updates. Whether it be through logos, graphs, icons, or even drawings. Images catch the eye, and keeps your followers!

5. Show Love To Your Customers!

So you have a great product or service. Fantastic. When customers feel they have had an exceptional experience with you, they may share it on their personal networks. Oftentimes, this can get completely overlooked by companies and brands. One of the best channels for finding content to post, is your own customers!

GoPro does a great job of this with their Photo of the Day Series

Encourage social sharing through hashtags and trends. This also makes it easy to identify when posts about you are being shared, so you can choose to feature it on your pages. Not only is sharing customers content a great way to advertise your brand, it also builds loyalty by showing potential customers that people actually do enjoy and use your product.


It’s easy to get frustrated while marketing through Social Media, but by following these few tips, and planning out your content and schedules, social media can become one of your most enjoyable daily tasks.

At Refresh The Web, we strive to make Social Media an efficient way to not only sell your product or service, but build a community around your company, and increase loyalty and brand recognition. We have a team that works around the clock to make sure your social pages have both excellent content and engagement. Get in touch with Refresh The Web today!

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