Why Google My Business is the best FREE marketing tool for 2022

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business was launched a few years ago, as an initiative to connect searchers directly to a business, without having to visit their website. Think of it as a modern-day Yellow Pages.

If you’ve spent any time on Google you most definitely have come across and probably used Google My Business to find a service and or local product. Whether you’re trying to find the best acai bowl in town, see how close the nearest library is, or your bathroom tap has exploded and you need a plumber ASAP; Google  My Business has probably helped you out. If you’re still unsure – check the image below to jog your memory.

Google My Business Search

Why do you like Google My Business so much AND why should I use it for my business?

  1. It’s free (mostly)
    Yes that’s right! You can drive leads to your business right now, and sit on top of google, (after actioning a few tips below) without killing your marketing budget. The only optional cost is to increase your ranking through AdWords. Just like Google’s standard search. 

  2. It ranks above almost all other search content. 
    Take this example search below. The only items ranking above the GMB module are paid AdWords ads. For what can take months and even years to reach through organic search ranking, you can sometimes do in only a few weeks by utilising Google My Business. 

  1. It only takes 15 minutes to set up!
    Yes that’s right, the basic setup of Google My Business only takes around 15 minutes. Of course, there are quite a few sections you can dive further into (which we explain below) however, the bare minimum setup, which will still drive more leads to your business, takes just as long as writing an email.

Okay! I’ve signed up – Do you have any tips on how to improve my Google My Business profile?

  1. Reviews (obviously) 
    For obvious reasons, Google favours profiles with positive reviews, the more the merrier BUT! They need to be natural. If you’ve just started a profile, reach out to a few clients with your review link and ask nicely for them to leave their feedback. You will want these to flow in naturally and not all at once – so perhaps only send one or two requests each week.

    Ideally you also won’t receive 15 5 star reviews in the first few months, for it then to all go quiet. That’s why it’s important to continually ask your customers/clients to leave feedback on Google, this way it continues to look natural to Google and they will look at your business in a positive light – resulting in a higher rank for your business on GMB. 
  1. Consistent details
    Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Should be consistent across all online profiles, this won’t just help your GMB ranking, but your website’s Google ranking in general. If there are inconsistencies, it’s important these are corrected. Your NAP could be listed on your website, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Bing Places and plenty of other directory sites!

  2. Add images
    Adding images of your business work & team can help convert searchers into customers, as well as show Google that you are serious about your profile. Try to review your images monthly to make sure they are up to date and current.

  3. Utilise the post & promotion feature weekly.
    This will show nicely on your GMB profile and help you stand out from the pack. Google loves to see you using their features within GMB and will rank you higher because of this. Try to make these posts/promotions enticing to encourage users to contact you/visit your website.

There is a tonne more you can do to improve your My Business profile – if you’d like further information, feel free to get in touch with us. We offer many different solutions for improving your GMB profile as well as ongoing management. If you’ve found this helpful, make sure to let us know!